Waste Types

Use this section to assist you when deciding on the type of mini skip bin you require for your individual needs. General waste skip bin hire is the most popular type of skip hire, it is very important to read through the different types of waste that is acceptable in general waste skip hire. When disposing of skip bin waste at transfer stations all waste is charged by weight and not by the cubic meter, which means the heavier the items the heavier the price for tipping the skip bin. It is very important to be upfront with what types of waste you intend on going into the skip bin. The waste that is collected in the skip bin is taken to transfer stations for sorting and recycling, any surprises that are found in the bottom of skip bins will be promptly returned to their owner or additional charges will apply.

Any hazardous waste and/or prescribed waste that is found in skip bins will be reported to the EPA. The owners of the waste will then need to provide the EPA with an explanation of the hazardous waste, and why the waste has been disposed of in an incorrect manner. Severe health risks and financial risks arise from handling hazardous waste without appropriate protection, please be responsible with your skip bin hire and not dispose of any hazardous waste or chemicals in your skip bin.

No Food Waste or Chemicals

Hazardous waste will not be accepted in any form of skip hire. The EPA has strict guidelines in the handling and reporting of hazardous waste materials. Hazardous waste is a health risk to all those that come into contact with it. There are specific companies available to manage hazardous waste, it is our suggestion to contact the EPA to discuss your specific needs with this type of waste removal. Skip hire is not the area for removing hazardous waste types.

General Waste (light)

Mattresses & Car tyres are extra charge items, this waste type is not for renovations

General waste can contain the lightest household or commercial waste. The general waste skips are used to do an around the house clean up or shed clean up. No concrete, bricks, roof tiles, floor tiles, sand or soil. 

Skip bin hire does not include food waste to be placed in the skip bin.

Food waste is to be placed into council bins for collection. Waste that is placed into a mini skip or skip bin goes to transfer stations to be sorted and then recycled. Food waste cannot be recycled it must go to landfill sites. In many cases, General waste may also contain green waste as long as it is not heavy ie: tree stumps, tree trunks etc.

Tree branches less than one metre long and 150mm in diameter are acceptable. Tree trunks are likely to cause weight limits to be exceeded and should not be included. No tree stumps to be included.

Car batteries and mattresses can be included in general waste but MUST be mentioned at the time of your skip bin hire enquiry and also be loaded on the top of your skip bin.

General Waste (light)


What can go in:

  • Green leafy waste

  • Garden Clippings

  • Grass Clippings

  • Tree pruning

What Cant Go In:

  • Soil

  • Tree Stumps

  • General waste/Any other waste that is not green leafy waste

  • Palm tree/fronds

  • Bamboo

  • Ivy

  • Creeper/climber shrubs

  • Mile a Minute

  • Branches over 150mm in diameter

Renovators Skip Bins:


What can go in skip

  • general building materials

  • tiles

  • appliances

  • timber

  • plaster

What cant go in skip

  • Paint

  • asbestos

  • insulation materials

  • Food

  • chemicals or chemical containers

  • liquids of any type

  • gas bottles

  • tyres

Mattresses and tyres:
Mattresses – $30 per double.
$30 per single

Tyres: note all tyres must be removed from the rim before going into the skip bin.

  • Car – $20 per item

  • 4WD – $30 per item

  • Truck – $80 per item

Brick ONLY or Concrete ONLY: 2m, 3m, 4m & 6m Skips only.


What can go in skip bin:

  • clean bricks or clean concrete

What cant go in skip bin

  • ANY other waste

Clean Fill: 2m, 3m, 4m & 6m Skips only.


What can go in skip bin:

  • Soil, dirt

What cant go in skip bin

  • ANY other waste

  • contaminated soil with chemicals, oils,

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