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    The Skip Guy can return a phone call, or email to discuss customers individual requirements for their mini skip bin hire. When placing an email inquiry it is also important to nominate a size of skip bin you would like to hire, as different size skip bins have different price ranges. It is helpful if the customer can describe where the skip bin is to be placed on delivery. Skip bins are delivered on the back of a truck and are unloaded off the back of the truck using a hydraulic arm and chains. Sufficient room needs to be provided for the hydraulic arms and truck to be able to position the skip bin.  Overhanging branches and power lines are a hazard for unloading skip bins, which may mean that a skip bin cannot be placed in the customers desired location. 

    The Skip Guy will do the utmost to ensure the skip bin is placed in the optimal location for the needs of both customer and truck safety. It is advisable to have the skip bin placed on your property not only for the reason that to use council land you require a  permit for a skip bin to be placed there, but often you get friendly neighbours that would like to help you fill up your skip bin with their waste as well. 


    Emailing your Information

    When placing your email inquiry it is important to nominate

    • Size of skip bin you would like to hire.  

    • A detailed waste description for example if mattresses or tyres are to be included in the skip bin. 

    • How much concrete bricks soil rocks tiles other heavy waste. 

    • Is the skip for a renovation or just a tidy up of your house/shed.

    • If the skip is for green waste only. Please see description of exclusions for green waste on waste types page.

    • Where the skip bin is to be placed on delivery.

    • Waste type. Descriptions can be found on the Waste type page

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